What is your hobby?

When someone tells you: “He’s a software developer.” or “He’s a programmer.”, what do you imagine? A certain type of guy that likes to spend too much time playing the World of Warcraft? Congratulations, you are one of the millions! I bet your next question would be “Can he fix my computer/phone?”.

When I was asked to write an article about my hobbies, I thought: You know what? Maybe it is not such a bad idea!

First of all, I have to admit that blogging or writing articles is definitely not one of them. To be absolutely frank, I would have to say that I hate it. Writing my diploma thesis was a total nightmare for me. But here I am! Alive! Wasting your time reading this.

Those questions– I raised at the beginning of this article– are my daily bread. Actually, what I often hear is: “You are kidding me, right? You can’t be a software developer. You don’t look like one of them!”.  So– back to the topic– when I was asked to write this article, I thought: Maybe, it is a good time to change the public meaning about us! Maybe it is time to show everyone that even a software developer can be a normal person who does normal stuff (like a lawyer or doctor). And thinking about that right now… Maybe I was wrong and I’m not the best person to prove that.

What did you do last weekend? Did I make you think about your weekend? Cool! I hope you enjoyed it. I remember this question from my English classes. I hated that question! Well, I hated my English classes. I wish I could change that but when you are teenager you want to do cool stuff, not talk to a teacher about your weekend. And maybe the things you have done… maybe– just maybe– she should not know about them. In 2018 this is probably different. The answer could be: “I was checking the Instagram! It takes some time to check all the stories of all the people I don’t even know! You know?”. Or even better: “I was cutting and uploading a cool video where I vlog how I brush my teeth or how to shave your back”. When I was the teenager– that was in the last century– it was all different. “Boys are boys!” that was my favorite sentence.

Should I start talking about my hobbies? Yeah… sorry about that. Sometimes I talk too much.

So be it! I do, and I always did crazy stuff. Ask my fiancée… But don’t ask her about me talking too much! When these days someone asks me what did I do last weekend, it wouldn’t be rare to answer: “I was running on a field, shooting a shotgun.”. What follows is usually weird silence and awkward face. But it’s real… and probably worse than you can imagine.

People do crazy stuff… jumping from a plane or a bridge with their feet tight with rubber rope, climbing cranes, taking a selfie of themselves hanging on those cranes… I could continue. Me? Running on a field with bunch of other weird guys, shooting with real ammunition and practicing different positions and situations.

Listening to instructions
Me and bunch of weird guys listening to instructions

Someone does that in the military service, someone volunteered for active backups… I pay for that. Told you… I’m crazy. But don’t worry, it’s all legal. I started with shooting few years ago. It is not that bad as some of you would think. It is not easy to get a permission to own and/or carry a gun in the Czech Republic. But this is not the topic I want to discuss here. When I moved to Prague and met my future wife I have got as a Christmas gift a voucher to one of these trainings. I have never got a better present (not to offend anyone). As far as I know it is available also to those who don’t have the permission/license (whatever you call that). Just google it so I do not advertise here something I should not advertise. I strongly encourage everyone who’s reading this article to do that. If you are a huge fan of adrenalin, do it. Bungee is soooo yesterday.

Are you a pacifist? Good! Let’s change the topic. Are you not? Contact me, I can give you more information how to have some fun.

My second biggest hobby is probably Crossfit. I bet you’ve heard about that. If not, stay tuned! But before I continue I have to mention what/who is my most favorite hobby. Just in case she reads this article… to be safe. Of course, that is my future wife. But GDPR does not allow me to tell you more about her. Sad… right? *Ufff*. So, it’s her, then shooting, then Crossfit… Then math.

First, let me explain to those who never heard about it what it is. It is a lot of pain and sweat within short time period (for me it is one hour) and in a case of myself a lot of swearing words as well. And on top of that you (again) pay for that. Isn’t that awesome?

Crossfit hands
It hurts, but it’s fun!

This image should help you imagine what it is. But trust me! (We trust each other, right?) It is also fun! Crossfit is quite popular these days and it is high-intensity interval training. It even has competitions where other athletes can measure their skills with others. I was also one of those guys from the beginning of this article– but washing my hair daily. I decided to do something with that and started with the best circuit trainings in Prague (again not to mention the name, google it). Can I use google? Is that a replacement for swear-word “search”? So, within one year I lost about 20 kilos, just by starting with 3 circuit trainings per week, ending with 8 of them per week. Saturdays I did 2 of them. Did I tell you that I’m crazy?

Circuit training
Just another circuit training

In the meantime I was eating pizzas and chocolate, so it really seems it works. No drugs! Pinky swear! Just proteins, BCAAs, gainers, vitamins, MCT oil, joint nutrition, … worth it! But I felt great! From XL to M within one year. And I was also one of those who was genetically predestined to be fat. Someone who had no time to eat and live healthy. Who had to sit behind his computer and/or TV and eat chips. Someone had to, right? No one wants chips factories to be bankrupt! No one! On my defense I decided to be workaholic and sit in the office up to 10-12 hours a day. Sometimes even during the weekend. Unfortunately, I was not paid for overtimes… Nevertheless, I had a lot of money for buying those chips. But after few months I realized that circuit trainings are not enough. That I need a bigger challenge. So I started with Crossfit! I do that 3-4 times a week (because I simply cannot do more; but I started to run the other days while regenerating) in the morning and then try to survive the rest of the day. How can anyone say that workout in the morning charges you with the energy for the rest of the day? What do they do? Drugs? Anyway, if you want to feel muscles you even did not know you have, or you want to cry while leaving your seat, try Crossfit!

Why do I talk about all of this? Every story should be educative, right? We should learn something new or at least have something to think about. Otherwise we just wasted our time reading that story. OK, maybe have some fun but I should have warned you before. This article might not be the best spot to have some fun! “Go shooting!”, said the little devil sitting on my shoulder.

So, the conclusion… Changing my life was not an easy decision and to fulfill that was even worse. You must step out of your comfort zone and stop doing things you like and start doing something you probably don’t like (yet) and which hurts (in my case; a lot). But this is something Vistaprint helped me with. I was shown that it is possible and important to have good work/life balance. That you don’t have to work 12 hours every day, feel stressed that you won’t deliver on time and that everything you do is not good enough or even bad.

New life at Vistaprint
Starting new life with Vistaprint

I really hope, you enjoyed this article and most important that you have learned something new or at least started to think about things you consider being impossible. Because nothing really is! Everything is just in your head. If you have your dreams, go and let them come true! … and join Vistaprint!

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