We’re on YouTube!

Vistaprint Prague is heavily involved in supporting Prague Software Craftsmanship group. Their meetups were sponsored by us and three of them were lead by our engineers and agile coaches.

We opened a new YouTube Channel and uploaded the videos of these events. We’ll keep on updating the channel with new videos in 2019.

Security threats of microservices running in the cloud

In this meet-up, Lukas Holota from Vistaprint Prague discussed security in microservice architecture.

In this session Lukas covered:

  • Attacks you might be facing
  • Different kinds of authorization
  • How cloud providers help with reducing and (unfortunately also expanding) the attack surface
  • (Un)expected situations which impact the stability and security of a microservice ecosystem
  • Weaknesses in DevOps processes

Ask me Anything with Agile Coaches

David Reichert and Daryl Paraguya, who are Agile Coaches in Vistaprint Boston office visited Prague and made an Ask Me Anything anything session.

Our engineer turned agile coaches answered the questions about agile and software engineering.

How to catch a thief using Databricks?

One of our Software Engineers, Jiri Adamek, led the event called “How to Catch a Thief Using Data Bricks“.

Jiri spoke about Spark, Databricks and the relation between the two. He then went on to explain how Spark processes big data sets using multiple nodes and how to use Databricks for a multi-source data analysis

After the presentation, the participants tried to solve a crime using Big Data skills.

Architectural Katas

A glimpse of our architectural katas.

Architectural Kata is a small-group exercise, where each group is given a project that needs development. The project team meets for a while, discovers requirements that aren’t in the original proposal by asking questions of the “customer” (the Moderator), discusses technology options that could work, and sketches out a rough vision of what the solution could look like.

Then, they must present their solution to the other project teams in the room, and answer challenges from the other project teams.

You can find more videos in the channel. We’ll continue uploading new videos as we organize new events or trainings, so subscribe or visit regularly in order not to miss anything.