Video from Introduction to F# MeetUp

Prague Software Craftsmanship and Mikhail Smal hosted Introduction to F# MeetUp. You can now watch the video from it.

About F#

The overwhelming majority of developers put equals sign in between .NET and C#. However, .NET supports many more programming languages. Probably one of the most developed languages is F#. It is a powerful and expressive multi-paradigm language with high performance and focuses on functional programming. It leverages all capabilities of the .NET framework and introduces lightweight functional syntax.

Another huge part of the developers’ community is quite skeptical about .NET framework overall. For such developers, it will be interesting to see how .NET has changed and which advantages it brings nowadays.
In this session, we will get acquainted with the language, its syntax, its role in .NET, the most powerful features and find out that in F# we can implement all the same as in C# and even more.

See you soon at our MeetUps.


Introduction to F# slides.

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