Technology Spotlight: React, Redux, Beer, Data & Azure

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Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide

First off, immutable is the opposite of mutable – and mutable means changeable, modifiable… able to be messed with. So something that is immutable, then, is something that cannot be changed.

Taken to an extreme, this means that instead of having traditional variables, you’d be constantly creating new values and replacing old ones. JavaScript is not this extreme, but some languages don’t allow mutation at all (Elixir, Erlang, and ML come to mind).


Building a data pipeline with testing in mind

Monitoring and testing batch data pipelines require a different approach from monitoring and testing web services. It’s one thing to build a robust data-pipeline process in Python but an entirely different challenge to find tooling and build out the framework that provides confidence that a data system is healthy.



Since we are into technologies and we are in the Czech Republic, we must talk about…beer. I guess you never heard about this chart, but it shows the best-rated beers in our country. (No it’s not Pilsner)



What’s New in Azure Cloud Development

“Runtime and other platform improvements allow you to now use your crossplatform.NET Core assets within your Functions apps,” Microsoft said. “Updates also include support for Python development and a consumption plan for Functions built on top of Linux OS. Azure Functions also now shows HTTP dependencies on the Application Insights App Map, enabling support for Function triggers and any HTTP connections for richer monitoring experience.”



How Vulcan.js makes you an efficient developer?

Who hasn’t dreamt they could create web and mobile applications from scratch in a matter of days, while using cutting-edge technologies? With good programming patterns and a well-chosen framework, this dream is not as unrealistic as it seems…