Technology Spotlight: dotNET, WebAssembly and React

You might be wondering what’s worth reading these days in the technology world. I am sure that you have your favorites, but I believe the following articles are worth mentioning and could make you a better technology person.

How to register a service with multiple interfaces in ASP.NET Core DI – an interesting tutorial on how to register a concrete class with numerous public interfaces in the Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection container used in ASP.NET Core

How to Consume Web APIs in Blazor – an experimental framework from the ASP.NET team to provide a single-page application (SPA)-style framework that allows developers to write C# and Razor code and have it run in the browser via WebAssembly.

Using Docker multi-stage builds to produce WebAssembly – use Docker to demonstrate how different programming languages [C, AssemblyScript, C#, Java, Kotlin, Go, Rust] can be compiled to WebAssembly and loaded independently on the same web page.

A story about React, Redux, and server-side rendering – Long long time ago in a kingdom far far away there was an app. The app was supported by the well known React and Redux families, but there was a problem. It was damn slow. People started complaining, and the app had to do something. It had to deliver its content quickly, so it provides the better user experience. Then the server-side rendering was born.