Making Remote Work

We are honored to be included in the Built In 2021 50 Best Remote-First companies report!

At  Cimpress and Vistaprint, Remote-First means that even after safely returning to working together in person, most team members’ primary place of work can be somewhere else than in a traditional office. We are proud to be on the journey that places what works best for our colleagues!

To learn more about 5 essentials steering us towards our goal of making remote work a towering strength of our culture, check this short post from Paul McKinlay, VP of Communications and Remote Working at Cimpress and Vistaprint

For our teams in the Czech Republic, apart from being able to work from anywhere in the country, both Cimpress and Vistaprint share the same collaboration space which we recently moved to and started using fully during this summer. Our teams can meet there and work together as and when it suits them most.

Cimpress is the industry leader in personalized physical and digital products, empowering over 17 million global customers to make an impression. 

Vistaprint is the growing $1.5B global eCommerce organization that together with Cimpress develop solutions across a broad portfolio including eCommerce, graphic design, analytics, reporting, big data, data engineering, content personalization, marketing automation, security, and logistics.

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