As part of our partnership with Czech universities, Vista and Cimpress will open several internships for the  summer of 2022.

Who are we

We are two companies that work together to deliver the best user experience to our customers.

Cimpress is the industry leader in personalized physical and digital products and the owner of the Mass Customization Platform, backend which helps multiple global companies to deliver customizable products.

Vista is Cimpress’ largest business, empowering more than 16 million small business owners around the globe to professionally promote their business with quality printed and digital marketing products at an affordable price.

What we offer

  • Working on a team of professionals in the field, solving challenging technical tasks and learning how to make software that drives the business.
  • Exposure to cutting edge technologies on a daily basis (AWS Cloud, Serverless,…).
  • Experience with working for a global company with a diverse team.
  • Communication in English, most of your colleagues won’t speak Czech.
  • Fixed term contract.
    • For some positions, there may be an opportunity to switch to full-time after the internship ends.

How to apply

Please send us an email to with your CV and short information about your interests and what you are passioned about.

Interviews will be conducted in May and will consist of some technical and behavioral questions with our team leads. You will also have the chance to state your preferences about your areas of interest and what type of position you are looking for so that we can assess the best fit for you.

What happens then…

If we extend you an offer and you accept, you will be assigned to team. Each team consists of 3-5 people, who will be your colleagues for the duration of the internship. We are remote first, which means we can work from home all the time. We also have a coworking area where team members are welcome to work and conduct in-person meetings with other team members.

You will work on the team’s backlog, so you will contribute to it’s day to day business. Our teams own the whole product from end to end, so the example tasks cover the whole lifecycle of a product:

  • Analyze customer requirements and extract a technical feature request.
  • Test a promising technology.
  • Design an architecture for a new service
  • Code and deploy.
  • Present the solution to the customers.

Example positions

This is a list of positions which are now available. Additional positions may be added before the interview process begins. You will get a chance to state your preferences at the end of the interview.

  • Personalization area (Vista)
    • You would work with a team on creating tools and services that enable personalized customer experience on the global Vistaprint site. This stretches from creating custom rule engines to build up the customer groups, to delivering customer context information to the site through content delivery network. 
  • Marketing Technology area (Vista)
    • You will work with us on creating tooling for internal marketers and data analysts. Our tools help them to categorize and track marketing campaigns across different channels (social media, email, paid search etc.). When developing software, we like to collaborate live via zoom and learn from each other. We also like to invest time into making our services ever more secure and reliable. Oh, and we can’t go a day without TDD.
    • We build a platform handling transactional emails of which we have around 50, all in many languages. It entails management of those emails including personalized customizations, sending and monitoring to achieve the best deliverability. We have tasks in the backlog, like React UI incorporating a 3rd party HTML code editor, that give opportunity to some creativity and give a sense of full accomplishment in a couple of months period but we also give the opportunity to work on smaller priority tasks. Based on preference.
  • Data Platform (Cimpress) 
    • We as a Clockwork squad are looking to boost numbers of our remote-first agile team to continue improving our cloud-based Data Mesh( solution inside our organization. We already have the resources of a large corporation, yet we decide operations of the team ourselves, all we are missing is maybe you – do you want to put your AWS/.NET 5+/Python/SOA?
  • Logistics (Cimpress)
    • Our squad work on logistics optimization – finding the best way how a factory can ship a package to the customer. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of microservices and are in the process of consolidating their functionality. Your task will be to reimplement some of our apis. You will be exposed to the whole development lifecycle – from analyzing current behavior, implementing it, testing, deploying to production, to decommissioning the old functionality.