BigData Community Meetup in Prague.

Good morning world,

I am sitting on a beautiful chair at our “Cloud room” in our new Prague office and planning to write about the community event we had just a few days ago. The sun is shining, and I am getting lazy, so better start writing something soon.

The Cloud Room in our office
The Cloud Room in our office

The meetup

We have some great community events on a regular basis. The goal, of course, is to build a community of smart people who share the same value as we do.

The topic of the last meetup one was around BigData. Yes, the term could mean anything literally, at least according to Google, so we tried to be more specific and decided to show how one can catch a thief using different open data sets and Apache Databricks.

Do I have your attention now? Good. Let me start with the venue then.



One of Prague’s charms are those fantastic co-working spaces. You could meet here the future astronauts, CEOs, CTOs and other great people ready to talk about their lives and dreams.

We picked one of them, called The Hub. It’s not only so close to the office but it also looks great:

The Hub
The Hub


The community

We had the right mix of people interested in the topic. We had one data scientist working in finance, we had a great python guy, in town for the pycon conference, who turned out to be travelling across Europe on a motorbike to attend different events, we also had a fantastic tech blogger, we had a director of Data Transformation and numerous developers and data enthusiasts.


The speaker and the talk

The speaker was Jiri Adamek, one of our brave software engineers. He gave an overview of the existing technologies on the market and demonstrated how using a few different data sets could help the police to catch a hotel room thief. I am not going to go deep into the details, because we will release some video about that, but I will share the link with the case study.


The speaker
The speaker

I was surprised at how many questions the attendees had during the talk and after that. This means, at least according to me, that the topic was interesting and the audience was knowledgeable.

After the talk, we turned our networking mode on and exchanged some ideas on general topics, such as data science, diversity, programming and more, while eating some bites.

Networking Mode: On
Networking Mode: On

Something even more exciting is coming up next in Prague, sо stay tuned and follow the category.

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