AWS API Gateway meet-up

In the past years, APIs became an essential part of modern web applications. API incorporated most of the stuff historically done on the server side – authentication and authorization, combining data sources, calling 3rd party services, etc. This puts a lot of pressure on API stability and scalability, yet we still need a sustainable pace for feature development. For a small team, it can be a challenging situation. Luckily there are tools which can make our life a little bit easier.

As part of the Vistaprint support for the meet-up series organized by the Prague Software Craftsmanship group, on Thursday 30th May at Impact Hub Prague, Karel Jakubec has presented a basic API Gateway setup and went through various interesting integrations with other services.

Based on the demand raised afterwards, we are sharing the presentation slides and the video of the whole event, including the live demos.

Please let us know in the comments what you thought about the presentation!